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I don't want to go

❙❙❙ About Me:

Living in the bowels of Chicago suburbia, I live in a small town of smelly people, smelly places, nothing to do and nowhere to go. Nobody around here likes the things that I like, but I'm okay with that because I'm a nightdweller on the internet [far too much].

In any case, I'm an avid anime/manga fanatic and I love music, roleplaying, writing and drawing. I'd love to learn animation, but I'm still grasping the fundamentals of art in the styles I enjoy simply of hobby. I also like learning CSS/HTML coding in my free time. I'm slow to respond on many occasions, mostly due to sheer laziness.

Misanthropic, pessimistic and whatever else, I'm very emotional and empathetic so give me fluff, angst and kittens, and I'll at least pretend to love you forever.

❝ In your deepest pain
In your weakest hour
In your darkest night
You are lovely. ❞

Do you cover your laptop camera? 

11 deviants said yes, it's creepy and I feel like weirdos can hack and watch me
6 deviants said no?

But you can't make me stay

❙❙❙ My Current Status:
  • ❘ Open for Commissions! ❘
  • ❘ Open for Art Trades! ❘ [friends only]
  • ❘ Open for Fanart Suggestions! ❘
  • ❘ Open for Palette Challenge! ❘


❙❙❙ My Lovelies




❝ I think I'm just in love with the feeling
Break my bones so I can feel them healing. ❞


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s-kasumi Featured By Owner 5 days ago
amg the eyes in your page--asdfghj
kaneki //rolls

okay hi captain/leader willow/tree-pee-san :iconheplz: how are you
tree-pee Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I have a minor obsession with eyes okay :iconminghideplz: hhhh gorgeous eyes yes :iconhhhhplz:

 ohai kohai kasu-chan childofmine :iconbigheplz: I am... stressed :iconming3plz: how're you?

Also I haven't forgotten about your palette challenge request, I'm just waiting for more people to ask so I can batch them up together nah I'm just being lazy as balls ok:iconspacetumbleplz:
s-kasumi Featured By Owner 5 days ago
minor--? :icondatfaceplz: areyousure--//stares

I'm your child now? :iconlazeblushplz: when did this happen lol

I'm not stressed but will be in a week's time--I assure you---//cries 
Stress was in the past, along with app deadlines--

oh--I forgot about that AHAHA OTL too much going on y'know //slapped
I remember now though so it's okay-

it's okay to be lazy willow--it's natural

//just worried there'd be some big mission in the brigade as I prepare for major tests and exams OTL ;;;
and was it okay to submit art into the folder if there's other non-member bunnies/ocs in the deviation? //wasn'tsure-
tree-pee Featured By Owner 4 days ago

since I birthed you///SLAPPED idk man I have lots of childs //kidnaps :iconehesmileplz:

Ahhh yeah our plot is going to start picking up soon :iconnashacryplz: When we release the journals of our next activity plans, note the group to let us know if you can't participate and you won't lose points or be kicked for it :iconyeyplz:

yes that's totally fine as long as your character is included in the piece. you won't receive points for the art of the other bunnies in the piece either though, just your own and the background if there is one :iconmingtouchplz:
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NotDamien Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
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